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Netflix and Streampix in Linux - Fedora 18

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A quick blurb on running Netflix and StreamPix on Linux. In my case I am using Fedora 18 64 Bit.

I started with the Netflix for Linux script


Once the was run I could access Netflix-Player from Fedora's applications. Initially Netflix would not load yiedling a generic error. This error was due to a lack of MS fonts. I resolved this by installing EasyLife and from EasyLife I installed the Fonts package. I think you can achieve the same from winetricks and choosing corefonts.

Once I verified Netflix to be workign I tried Xfinity's StreamPix. I pressed ALT-V , selected toolbars and enabled the Navigation bar so I could type in the URL. I received a Java error at first.

I tried to install Flash from various links within the wine netflix browser window without luck until I found the debug version.

Flash Debug

I downloaded this and ran it from within the wine session with success. Afterwhich I was able to access content on with full audio and sound

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  1. z1g's Avatar
    So Youtube did not like my video of running streampix in Fedora. I have no idea why, it was flagged as Spam, Scams, commercially deceptive. I can't for the life of me figure out how it fit into any of those categories, but they have terminated my account.